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Worry-Free Company Setup

When you start your online research about a business setup, specifically Freezone setup, in Dubai you will quickly find out that there is a ton of misleading, confusing information out there. Hundreds of agencies are offering over 45 Freezones throughout the UAE. Which freezone in which emirate is the right one and what activity to chose? This and more questions will pop up and it can be costly to make the wrong decision now.

But lets pretend you have managed to find the right freezone, then the real struggle only begins. After reaching out to them you are showered with forms to fill, loads of documentation, and requirements that do not always make sense.

Worry Free Set Up Service

Save yourself this hassle and start your Free Zone company with one of our carefree packages. The first consultation is, of course, free. Once we have discussed the possibilities and advised you on the right Freezone and activity for your needs, we'll do all the paperwork for you. A dedicated consultant will be in constant contact with you via whats app and email, always ready to answer your questions and update you on the progress. Your personal consultant will accompany you during the entire start-up process, the visa procedure and even during the bank account opening, depending on your chosen package.

Or: Do It Yourself

We have direct agreements with the Free Zones, it will not cost you a cent more if you initiate your freezone setup with us. You only have to pay the selected worry-free package and only if you wish to. If you decide to do it alone just avail our ALL NEW Do It Yourself Package. But since the entire setup plus visa procedure and bank account opening is a very lengthy and complicated procedure, we strongly advise you to let our experienced consultants handle it. We guarantee that you will never regret this decision for a moment.

No Age Limit

The age limit in most Freezones to start your Freezone Company is 21. But we are able to provide licenses for people as young as 18.


Our Worry-Free Service Packages

Company Setup only

BASIC Package

Our basic package is ideal for people who just need help with the initial setup such as companies without visa. This package does not include assistance during Residence Visa or Bank Account procedure. If you require more assistance during a later stage, you can upgrade to a larger package at any given moment.


Company formation (Consultation, license application and filling out forms, creating business plan, communication & follow-up)

previously AED 4,900

now only AED 2,500

Setup + Visa


With the Visa Plus package we handle the entire setup procedure and assist you during the Residence Visa procedure.


Company Formation (consultation, license application and filling out forms, creating business plan, communication & follow-up)

Residence Visa (application, step by step instructions, follow up and communication with visa and Emirates ID authority)

previously AED 7,900

now only AED 4,500

Setup + Visa + Bank Account


This package includes the founding of the company, assistance with Residence Visa as well as assistance during the bank account opening.


Company formation (Consultation, license application and filling out forms, creating business plan, communication & follow-up)

Residence Visa (Application, step by step instructions, tracking and communication with visa and Emirates ID authority)

Bank Account (Consultation, appointment, follow-up and communication until opening of account) *

previously AED 9,900

now only AED 7,500

IMPORTANT: All of the above packages include Non-Stop Whats App support (messaging service) with a dedicated business consultant.

* Special bank package: VIP package plus personal support at the bank with translation service AED 12,500

The prices above do NOT include license or Visa!


If you have done your research already, dont need consultancy and know exactly what you want you can apply directly through us and save money. No Agency Fee - Do it Yourself - See all Details

INCLUDED: Short initial consultancy per email, provision of all application documents, official submission of your documents to Freezone.

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Freezone Setup Procedure

After the payment, we will start preparing the necessary documents (forms, applications and business plan are filled out in advance and submitted by us). All you have to do is sign the contract with the Freezone from the comfort of your own home, in a Freezone branch in Germany or Turkey, or on-site in Abu Dhabi or Dubai*.

If you sign on-site in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, we will set an appointment for you at the office of the Free Zone provider to sign the shareholder agreement. You only have to bring your passport. The entire procedure will only take 10-15minutes. If you choose a Freezone that offers the possibility of an electronic signature, we will send you all the documents. After signing the contract and submitting it to the freezone it takes 5-7 days until the license is issued.

* An electronic signature is currently not possible in all Freezones. Some Freezones require all shareholders to be physically present.

Residence Visa & Emirates ID procedure

With our Visa Plus Carefree package, we accompany you through the entire process and handle the online application. For the Residence Visa you have to do a so-called Medical Test (Fitness Test) in Dubai where a blood sample will be taken and you will have to go through a chest x-ray. The Emirates ID card requires you to go through an eye scan and your fingerprints are taken. The duration varies depending on the cost, as there are different visa apackages, but please expect a minimum of 3 days stay in Dubai.

How to get a bank account?

The most important thing for most new company owners is the opening of a bank account. But in order to get a corporate bank account nowadays, the UAE Central Bank dictates that at least one of the shareholders has to hold a valid UAE Residence Visa.

To open a bank account in Dubai or any other Emirates is a tedious task and you have to expect a minimum timeframe of about 1-3 months from application to issuance of online log-in data depending on documentations that you will be able to present to bank. The timeframe depends on many factors, none of them can be influenced by us. We can only make sure that all papers are submitted properly and that there is non-stop communication with the bank.

We have already helped numerous clients with the opening of their bank account and know exactly which banks are the most efficient and customer friendly. Of course there is no guarantee that the bank will grant an account, as it depends on the supporting documentation of the client. But, as of today, all our clients have managed to open an account with our assistance.