Immigrate to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Immigrate to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Tax-free living in the UAE

Do you want to live absolutely tax-free in the future? In a country where other people spend their vacation? In one of the safest and most modern countries in the world? If you are thinking about moving to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or another emirate of the UAE, then we can only congratulate you on this choice. There is probably no better country in the world that combines so many advantages.

Living in the UAE


In order to live, repectively to be allowed to live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in one of the other emirates, the basic requirement is a so-called Residence Visa, a residence permit. If you dont have a direct family member living in the UAE, then there are only three ways to obtain a resicence visa. The first two options are either as an employee of a local company or through the purchase of a property. The property must have a minimum value of AED 1 million and you must also prove a corresponding income.

The third possibility is through the establishment of a company or participation in an already existing company. With this license you will be able obtain the coveted Investor Visa. If you do not intend to enter into a dependent employment relationship or to acquire a property, then the only way to live in the UAE permanently is to start a business. At the same time, it is also the fastest and easiest way.

Easy and Fair

The Business Setup

The set-up costs are starting at around AED16,000 (US$ 4350) and that is at the same time the annual costs. The company is usually founded in one of the poorer emirates, because the costs are much lower there. This has no influence on the choice of residence at all. The visa is valid for the entire UAE and you have no restrictions where to live. Whether you want to live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or in one of the other emirates, the choice is yours.

We are here to help you get settled in the UAE! If you take advantage of our carefree package, we take over all the formalities for the formation of the company and on request, we support you both in the visa procedure as well as the opening of a bank account.

Residence Visa

For the whole Family

After issuance of your residence visa you will also receive the so-called Emirates ID. Both have a validity of 3 years. The Emirates ID is similar to a personal ID card and is needed in daily business, e.g. for renting apartments, buying a car, banking, doctor visits, etc.

For the visa issuance of your direct relatives, there is either the possibility of employing them in the company or, after receiving your own visa, applying for a so-called family visa for the family members.

There is no 183-day rule here in the UAE, too. Even after receiving the visa, you would not even have to live here to maintain the visa validity. The only requirement is the biannual entry into the UAE, that's all. The visa extension after 3 years is completely unproblematic.