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Corporate Bank account package

If you open a company in Dubai then of course you need a company account. This is called the Corporate Bank Account in Dubai. While this is hardly a problem for a regular mainland company, it is unfortunately not easy for a freezone company and it was tightened over the last year. Currently only about 4 banks in the Emirates offer such a Freezone company account.

Bank account yes or no?

There is a lot of information online that is not always entirely correct. In the forums in particular, there are horrific reports that you no longer get a company account and that you end up without an account for your Dubai company. That's not true, it is of course still possible to get an account in Dubai, but you need a certain amount of know-how to avoid classic mistakes and to make the best possible impression on the bank.

Benefit from our experience in opening a company account

We have been setting up both Mainland and Freezone companies for many years and have already accompanied numerous customers through the banking process. So far, all of our customers have managed to obtain a company account and hopefully soon you will be able to issue invoices with your new Freezone company as well.

Take advantage of our experience and book our bank support package. As the name suggests, this is only used for support in the form of a bank appointment, required documents, rental agreement (if necessary), tips & advice and follow-up at the bank.

In order to leave a good impression at the bank and to get a coveted company account, there are some guidelines that must be observed. This is where we come in. With our banking package we support you with your bank account application.

Beware of misleading offers on the net

Many agencies offer a a bank account opening for a sum x just like that. Usually the rude awakening comes when you only get an appointment with the bank for your money instead of the promised online bank account because it is absolutely necessary in the Emirates to present yourself to the bank in person. Unfortunately, nobody can do that for you. The account opening is the sole responsibility of the central bank and no private person can do this on your behalf (except with a poa).


Bank Package

This support package is ideal if you are either planning to start a company or have already started a company in Dubai or another emirate and need help in setting up your bank account. The package can be booked at any time and is also available for clients who have already tried in vain to get an account on their own.


- General advice on which banks are available
- Information about deposits at the various banks and how exactly it works
- Tips & advice on how to proceed with bank appointments
- Sending a list of the documents required for the bank appointment
- Make an appointment at the bank
- Send all the required documents directly to the bank in advance
- Follow up at the bank
- Procurement of a rental agreement if necessary (extra costs arise)

€ 1.100,00

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